Top 8 Ultimate Beginner Do's and Don'ts in Online Sports Betting

Few things give you an adrenaline thrill, plus the bonus of making fast cash like online sports betting. So, if you wanna make some cash on the side we have and enjoy your favorite sports, we have something for you.

Don't let being a beginner scare put you off. The guidance you need from seasoned bettors is here. I will be your experienced gambler today and offer some great tips.

You may not be new to betting, but there will be one or two helpful tips for you here. And that could raise your betting game! Stick around for those great tips.

What To Do

First off, let's look at some POSITIVE steps to take when you get into online sports.

Use Several Sportsbooks That Offer Great Value

Look for value in different sportsbooks. Consider odds that will yield the best gains for the same amount of money and go with the highest. You are here to make money. Make sure that stays a priority, and you'll be fine.

You should learn how to calculate winnings using your wager and the odds placed by the sportsbook. When you do this for several sportsbooks you will find out which one offers greater value for your money.

You limit yourself when you stick to one Sportsbook. Different leagues and seasons are valued differently across handicappers.

1st Smart Betting Tip:
Shop regularly for other sportsbooks by considering the value they add over the rest.

Create A Bankroll

Creating a bankroll is basically making a budget. Think of it that way.

It is a tool that helps you with managing the money you gamble with. It is also how you can tell your total gains or losses.

Decide in advance how much you'll use. Set your limits for the week, month or the whole season. Then do your best to stick to them. This discipline is the difference between a pro and a beginner.

2nd Smart Betting Tip:
Cultivate the habit of staying within your set bankroll limits.

Know Your Sport

It helps when you are already a fan of sports games you bet on. But in case you are not, at least follow the league for a bit before placing wagers. Here's why:

  • You will know the current performance of some teams
  • Their star/key players who give them a greater chance of success
  • Stages of the league with critical games and how certain teams perform then
  • Get free and regular stats and history lessons from the commentators when you follow the games.

3rd Smart Betting Tip:
Follow sports news and buzz in games you bet in. You'll get invaluable insights into winning trends.

Have a Dependable Strategy

At the very least, have a basic strategy for working out how you place bets.

The big goal here is to be able to work out how to win more consistently over time. That can only happen if you record your selection process. What makes you think your bet will win? That's the question to answer here.

You need to work out a simple, trackable, and logically-sound method for making online sports bets. One trackable move is using a proven and genuine sports picks service like AlgaVision. Which is designed to deliver winning picks to your inbox upon subscription. Subscribe to the 7-day trial here.

This way, you will note the:

  • Strategies that don't work and abandon them for good!
  • Strategies that work which you should tweak and improve for greater winnings.

4th Smart Betting Tip:
Place bets through a logical strategy that considers the teams' performance and other relevant data available.

Have a Long-Term Approach

"Go, deep!" as they say in football.

Sporting events take months to move from group stages to final games. Give yourself a good chunk of time for trying out different aspects of sports betting before you decide to quit. As it's not fair to judge a book by its cover, it's equally unfair to judge sports betting before you've tried it for some time.

This way you will not only find out what works but also how and when it works best. Plus, what you like and don't like. Everybody likes winning, right? As you grow in your betting ability to win more outcomes and amounts, you'll no doubt appreciate the

There is no shortcut to gaining some good experience as a gambler. You have to do the time!

Test it out for a month or more. Having at least 3 games a week works out to 12 games a month. When you are done, look back at what your wagers have gained in profits for the month.

On average, work to have more gains than losses to have a dependable income from online sports betting. You win some, you lose some, even in betting.

5th Smart Betting Tip:
Gain more than you lose, over the long-haul.

What You Should Never Do

Now let's look at the lines you should NEVER cross as a beginner.

Going with Your Heart

Beware of your favorite teams, players and sports leagues. You are likely to bet on them without critical thinking. A well-considered wager will usually need you to bet against favorites. Go with your head. It will save you the pain of losing after betting purely on hope and love!

Only choose your favorites when they fit the logical bill to bet on. For example:

  • when the sportsbooks assign them odds that yield big profits,
  • when they have had a good season's performance.

6th Smart Betting Tip:
Trust logic and reason over the outcome you wish to see.

Chasing Your Losses

It's a bad idea to try to recover your losses when you've been on a losing streak. Yet it's one newbie sports bettors fall into quite often. What you should do is cut and run. I mean quit while you are still ahead.

Experience teaches that there are times when your gambling strategy and instincts are off! And the proof is hitting loss after loss. In case you get worked up on a bad betting day and get tempted to recover your losses by betting more cash, don't. A winning streak won't change just because life has to balance out fairness. If a team has a winning streak, we must not think that their luck will run out soon and we can confidently bet against them.

Also, just because you've had a string of consistent losses is no reason to believe the universe owes you a balance of luck and must hand you a win soon!

You will be falling for the old gambler's fallacy. This fallacy will have you thinking the 5th time's the charm, then you lose the 5th bet. Then say the 7th time could be the jinx breaker, then lose the 7th too. Then if you're in too deep, you may go for the 9th, 11th, 13th, and so on.

Charm, luck, and gut feelings are terrible grounds for making bets. Just work the odds, check the probabilities, look at recent performance and use that data to place a logically considered bet. Only then do you have a shot at winning.

Bad betting days are real. I've been there. Best to take a break, and come back later when your head is clear and fresh to analyze what happened.

7th Smart Betting Tip:
Trying to recover your losses when on a losing streak by betting more is reckless gambling. It will cost you more.

Using Rogue Online Sites

One sure way newbies lose their money is by placing wagers with rogue sites that exploit their fresh appetite and lack of knowledge. The attraction of bonuses added to your bankroll when you register with a sportsbook, should never keep you from considering other terms and conditions.

Bets to stick to known and trusted sportsbooks that have been on operation for some time. Request a license number and check with the American Gaming Association or your state authorizing body.

8th Smart Betting Tip:
Use authorized, licensed sportsbooks only!

Remember that sportsbooks also depend on the fact that newbies are uninformed to make some money off them. Don't be an easy target for them! Use these tips to your advantage.

There you have it! The 8 Smart Betting guidelines to help you navigate the online sports world with confidence. Get cracking and curb losses to secure more winnings in online sports betting.

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