How To Maximize Your Betting Gains Using Top 5 Smart Strategies

You can actually maximize your betting profits using known and proven strategies. And the best part is that it's not rocket science!

It's also not mere gut feeling, intuition, and lots of good luck. You can actually use a set of tried and tested tools and processes to guide you in placing a carefully considered wager. And that's the great news we bring to newbie bettors! It's not guesswork! No need to rack your brains trying to figure it out by yourself. If you are just starting in betting, we give you 5 proven strategies to maximize your betting gains in 2022.

It gets better! All these strategies can be learned! You don't need to be a genius. Anyone can learn this, harness the knowledge, and use it to win big.

Do these methods guarantee 100% that you will always win? Well, they bring you the closest to a 100% chance of winning you'll ever get.

So, what's the point of using these tactics if there are no guarantees? They will make your betting way easier, more sensible, and trackable. This is the sure way to see real progress and profits!

Strategies give you a leg to stand on while you risk your money intelligently. They offer you the confidence of gambling from a smart position, making you better at it, and maximizing your chances of winning.

Here we go...

We will look at the strategies that you can use to place, track and score some big wins consistently. With these tools, you can be smart about it by keeping your losses low, while ensuring your wins are increasing.

But first, let's look at some strategies you must never use!

Being a beginner, you may think that sports betting is all about chance, and winning depends on who gets lucky. Guess what, it's not!

You must never place your bets on purely emotional sensations. And here are 2 good reasons why:

Emotional Bias

One thing you will become aware of as you gamble is that we all have a bias. We all have a favorite team, favorite player, and favorite way of thinking. And believe it or not, it affects where and how we bet. Coz, we all wish our favorites the best.

Our biases make us place emotionally influenced bets. Which are purely based on hope. Hoping our favorite will win makes us place bets the same way. In betting, hope is not a strategy, and yet it can be a dangerous blind spot.

Using the top 5 betting strategies will reveal your loves, biases, and blind spots to you. Then you can strategize around them to keep from betting on them repeatedly, when there are potentially better wagers on the table.

TIP: Go with your mind, not your heart! Don't stick to placing bets only for your favorite teams, when other bets could earn you much bigger profits.

Gambler's Fallacy

This is the incorrect, but widely-held belief among gamblers that if an event happens many times, then it is less likely to happen in the future. There's not any science to back this belief. But that hasn't stopped many of us from believing it and placing wagers against strong teams on a winning streak.

Somehow, we believe that a team that has won many games is less likely to win more in the future. That's the fallacy I'm talking about. The reverse is also true that a team that has lost severally is unlikely to win the coming games.

Don't fall for it! There is no strategy there.

Betting based on strategy will save you the pain of losing money after betting with your heart.

Now let's look at how the pros bet and win consistently.

The Top 5 Strategies that will maximize your betting gains in 2022

Value Betting

This is the first and most important strategy to learn as a newbie.

Value betting is nothing new. It is simply looking for value in your wagers. In business, you look to use your money in a way that gives back the greatest returns. That's your goal even here in betting.

Think of your bets/wagers as business capital. Your one job is to use it in a way that gets you the biggest profits possible.

It's also your job to check that the odds set by the sports book are a likely reflection of the true outcome. This is how you discover the value you'll get from a bet. Online betting companies are known to set odds in such a way as to influence bettors' choices, especially during major league games. Be on the lookout for this.

How to Do it

Compare your wager versus potential profit. At the very least, place a bet where you'll get 1.5 - 3 times more than your wager.

TIP: A great tip here is to always check both the win and loss odds across several sites first. Then, place your bet where the odds given will work out to the best profits.

Bankroll Management

Clever bankroll management is the second strategy that you can learn and master quite easily. Online betting sites give you the chance to manage your betting monies carefully through a bankroll system. This is simply a way to assign wagers and limit them to defined amounts. A common working strategy here is to divide your total bankroll balance into 3 and place bets using 1/3 of the total balance.

This is the idea here: don't put all your eggs in one basket. Spread out your wagers. Take a small portion, and lock away the rest of it in store for future bets.

This way, you maintain a healthy balance while putting a portion of it to use. Your goal is to grow that bankroll balance through strategically placed bets, get great profits and keep going.

TIP: Think of your bankroll balance as business capital and use it only when there is potential to grow your profits. A smart businessman takes calculated risks that pay off in big profits. Be the smart bettor!

Going with the Flow

This 3rd strategy is also called "Chasing Steam" in betting lingo! It needs you to follow the trends of the games, teams, and players. This way, you get to know not only the league stats but also what experienced sports pundits are saying about upcoming games.

If the word out there is that Team A is set to win its upcoming match, coz they have had a strong offensive side and have kept their winning momentum, just ride that wave. Go with that flow and place your wager as the trend goes.

TIP: Watch the news and listen to sports commentators leading up to the game You'll get a feeling of the experts' predictions. It's usually a safe move to bet along expert predictions.

Going Against the Flow

4th, we suggest you consider going against the flow. Bettors call this, "Fading the Public". Sometimes when sports books place low odds, they expect most bettors will go in one direction.

Let's take Team A which has been on a winning streak. The sports book company knows that gamblers will mostly bet on winning, so they assign low odds for the win. In such a situation, it may make sense to check odds in several betting exchanges before settling on one.

Or, simply bet against them. The odds may be better for you. This requires you to know how to do Arbitrage betting.

What is Arbitrage Betting?

It is an ingenious way to keep your losses low, by placing both win and lose bets on the same game. So that one bet “matches” the other and sort of keeps it in check. This way, you never lose completely.

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Strengthening your strategy will make your betting gains grow. Be the smart bettor and prioritize these top 5 betting strategies to maximize your profits in 2022!

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Subscriptions start at only $49/mo.
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7 DAY TRIAL for $1 a day!

Must be 21 or older.
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